The main research of this group is devoted to gaming quality assessment. This group is created to share codes, results, experience, and datasets which might be interesting for people who are interested in gaming Quality of Experience (QoE). The main projects of this group are related to standardization activities (ITU-T study group 12), CGI project of Video Quality Expert Group (VQEG), as well as European cost auction, QUALINET-gaming task force. There are three major paradigms that are of interest of this group.

First, quality assessment for passively watching video games, which the research is mostly focused on video quality assessment for video games. The results of this paradigm might be interesting for video gaming streaming services such as, Youtube gaming as well as cloud gaming services such Stadia, Geforce Now, and Playstation Now.

Second paradigm is the interactive test, which we aim at identifying quality dimensions which are relevant for gaming experience, designing questionnaires, impact of network and compression distortion on gaming experience, and design of game. The main goal is to build a standardized quality model which can predict the quality while people playing the game on the cloud. This result might be of interest of people who are working on cloud gaming research or quality assessment of cloud gaming services such Stadia, Geforce Now.

The third paradigm is more devoted to research linked to novel technologies and how adapt the quality assessment methods for those new technologies. Topics such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), High-dynamic-range (HDR) technologies as well as new advancement of networks such as NFV, SDN switches as well as novel resource management methods. It has to be noted that the new techniques for quality assessment such as using deep learning methods go under the this paradigm.