Objective Quality Assessment

For the assessment of video quality, typically subjective tests are carried out. However, these tests are time-consuming and expensive. Œus, numerous e‚orts are being made to predict the video quality through video quality assessment (VQA) metrics. Depending on the availability and the amount of reference information, objective video quality assessment (VQA) algorithms can be categorized into full-reference (FR), reduced-reference (RR), and no-reference (NR) metrics. So far, these metrics have been developed and tested for non-gaming videos, usually considering video on demand (VoD) streaming applications.

Objective quality models enable us to monitor and measure the current quality level of a multimedia service. Although subjective quality assessment is a more reliable and more accurate way to measure the quality of a multimedia service, it is time consuming and expensive to monitor the quality of a provided service subjectively. Therefore, service providers are interested in developing new quality models for their system such as Netflix which recently proposed a new video quality metric called VMAF.

Video quality metrics can be used for monitoring the QoE. If you are intrested in QoE monitoring tools, you can read the following report of “QoS/QoE Monitoring Tools”: Link

You can read more about video and image quality metrics please visit Prof. Bovik webpage.

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